Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here are some pics of my 2 dogs.
Both are Maltese. Each with VERY different personalities!!

This is Sabrina. She is the youngest. Energetic. Happy. Tough as Nails!! She is a Pitt Bull in a Maltese body.

This is Gracie. She is IN LOVE with my husband. She adores him so much. When he is in the room she does not take her eyes off of him. She should be a lap dog but she would rather climb up to your neck and cuddle there. She is very quite and reserved. Not to playful but sometimes we can get her to hop around.

They are so much fun. I can't imagine my life without them!!


Mystical said...

Hi Girls,

Yes, I know that look of love ... I give it to my human, I call her "Herself". I just love being with her. I talk a lot about her and other things that go on in New York City at my blog,

Do talk more about what you do and even more interesting what goes on in your dog minds.

See ya.

Rambling Girl said...

Welcome to blogland and hope your stay is a long and fun one. Many people are here and lots of fun places to visit. Love your tree! Oh your little puppy is a doll.

I know I need to get with some deep cleaning also.

Cyndi said...

Love your doggies. Everyone thinks our new puppy Pearl is a Maltese because we haven't cut her hair yet. Hope you are having a great week.